I have lots of cards already in cellos, can I still sign up?

Of course you can - lots of us are still working through celloed stock at present.  All we ask is that you commit to not use any more cellos on your online sales moving forwards.


What if the card gets wet in the post?

How often does that really happen?  And is a little plastic cello really going to be that much protection if a paper envelope is caught in a thunderstorm?  If the worst comes to the worst you will have to replace it, but it’s such an infrequent occurrence we don’t think it will matter hugely.


How are you protecting your cards without cellos?

Some people are literally folding the delivery note around the card to give a little protection, others are putting them in the card envelope, others are using paper bags.  However you see fit.
If you create embellished or ornate cards we understand that you might need a little more protection - but we'd encourage you to go for a paper option (which will degrade very quickly, or can be re-used or recycled easily).


What if I use biodegradable cellos, can I still sign up?

While biodegradable cellos are a definite step forward they are still waste.  Where you can’t avoid using a cello (for example for unframed prints), we’d encourage you to use eco-cellos.  However the point of this campaign is to take that next step and use either no cello or paper packaging on your greetings cards.
It's not just the waste aspect, but also the energy taken to produce the eco-cellos and transport them  that we are keen to eliminate.


What about wholesale orders?

Good question, and one we are still pondering ourselves.  For now, most of us are resigned to the fact that biodegradable cellos are the only viable alternative at the moment – but if you have any other ideas then please do let us know!
Please don't feel that you've found a hole in our campaign - we know that this is something we need to look at - but we are concentrating on online orders first and foremost (cos that's a no-brainer)!


What if I already send my cards out without cellos?

Well then you are awesome! Please carry on, and please take the pledge and spread the word so other people can be awesome like you.

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Where can I get...?

We are not eco-experts by any stretch of the imagination, we're just a couple of small business owners like you - and we are also running this whole campaign voluntarily.  We'd encourage you to have a look at our "suppliers" page, and if you can't find what you need there to do your own research to find eco-alternatives.  If you find something great please do pop us a link so that we can add it to the website.

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Actually I think you'll find that cellos are made from cellulose and are biodegradable.

Alright, smart Alec.  If you do a bit more research you'll find that most "cellos" aren't actually made from cellulose - they are made from polypropolene, which is NOT biodegradable.  While polypropolene is recyclable, facilities are not widely available, and many customers simply wont realise this anyway.
The other fact is that huge amounts of energy are taken up in the production and transport of this unnecessary bit of packaging, so we think it's much better to go without!


What about Craft Fairs?

Granted, this is a problem too - but we are keen to hear of your creative ideas to find a way round it.
Some people have suggested having one sample card on display for customers to look at (and get finger marks on).
There are certainly other options - let us know if you have a solution and we can add it here!

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I still have loads of cellos left.

As we've already mentioned, there are some as yet un-resolved issues with wholesale and craft fairs.  You may still need to use cellos for these.  How about putting the cellos to one side and going naked on your online orders?  You can use the cello stock you have for any wholesale or craft fairs in the meantime?


But but but...

If you've read through all the benefits of Naked Cards and this campaign isn't for you then that is fine, no bother.
We're extending an open invitation to all online retailers to take part.  We're not naive enough to think that everyone will sign up - we all make business decisions that are right for us at the time.
If you can't find a way to make it work for you right now then we're not going to try and force you to go naked (quite honestly we don't have the time, we have our own businesses to run too!) - but please do remember about us, and keep exploring options that would be a step closer to going naked!

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