While it’s always best to reduce any packaging used, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Paper and biodegradable cellos still have a carbon footprint, and in some cases take more energy and chemicals to manufacture than plastic. Our message is always to reduce packaging – and go naked where you can – however where you do need to use packaging we’ve collated a list of
options for you here:

Eco Craft -

All types of eco-friendly packaging including recycled paper, tissue and card, paper parcel tape and compostable cellos.

Kite Packaging -

Various eco-options including paper parcel tape, paper bubble wrap, triangular postal tubes,

starch-based loose fill chips.

Rmadillo -

Several eco-options including void fill, recycled padded Jiffy Bags and boxes.

Rajapack -

Some eco-friendly options including envelopes and mailing bags and boxes, paper tape and

paper bags.

Bubble wrap alternatives:

Geami WrapPak is a paper roll which looks like honeycomb and seperates to provide cushioning for delicate items, it’s available from various different suppliers.

Biodegradable bubble wrap is also available – it’s pale green and comes on big rolls. Again,
available from various different suppliers online, shop around to get best price.